By the time Venser reached Karn in the core of Mirrodin it was already too late. Melira cleansed the golem's body of the Phyrexian taint but she couldn't cleanse the golem's heart. Knowing his own life would soon be forfeit due to his increasing phthisis symptoms, Venser made the ultimate sacrifice. With his last remaining mana he gave his life and spark to Karn. Moments later Karn was released from the Phyrexian tyranny and mourns the loss of his friend briefly but turns to battle the Phyrexians, stating 'he still has a lot of work ahead of him'.

當凡瑟抵達秘羅地核心,來到卡恩身 邊時,一切為時已晚。梅梨萊雖然可以清洗他被非瑞克西亞爍油所玷污的魔像軀體,但她卻不能淨化他的心臟。由於日漸嚴重的肺結核症狀,凡瑟知道自己的生命即 將走到盡頭,於是做出最後的犧牲。 他用盡自己剩餘的法術力,將自己的生命和旅法師火花賦予卡恩。 不久,卡恩恢復自由,逃脫了非瑞克西亞的暴虐。在短暫哀悼失去的朋友後,卡恩轉向了對非瑞克西亞的戰鬥中,他知道在他的面前仍有許多艱苦的戰鬥等著他。


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